Skin Protection & Disease Prevention

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Lifestyle, Sound Nutrition & Skin
Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser
Skin Save Shave Gel for Men
Spa Smooth Shave Gel for Women
Prevent Color Stain Skin Barrier


OTC Antimicrobial Skin Care

Where do Germs Hide?
Symptoms & Solutions
Hand & Body Sanitizer
Skin Cleanser
Skin Healing Lotion
Nail Solution
Scalp Treatment


EPA Disinfectants


Effective, safer, gentler
solutions for:

First Aid Basics
Diabetic Care
Professional Beauty
Food Service
Public Restrooms

The mission of Miqropure Laboratories is to create gentle, effective, and easy to use products that aid in skin protection and disease prevention.

With a focus on the needs of sensitive skin, cosmetic and OTC drug products were developed to add value to individual’s lives by providing healing properties to enhance skin, giving greater freedom to fight and prevent infections, reducing worry and pain associated with wound care, and simplifying grooming and hygiene activities.