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About Us

The mission of Miqropure Laboratories is to create gentle, effective, and easy to use products that aid in skin protection and disease prevention.

With a focus on the needs of sensitive skin, cosmetic and OTC drug products were developed to add value to individual’s lives by:

  • providing healing properties to enhance skin
  • giving greater freedom to fight and prevent infections
  • reducing worry and pain associated with wound care
  • simplifying grooming and hygiene activities

OTC Drugs

The AQtiv PURE family of topical antimicrobial products (OTC drugs) was originally created for hospitals and laboratories that had a need for maintaining strict asepsis control. Compounds used in cold sterilization were combined to create broad spectrum, antimicrobial products in vehicles and concentrations required to stand up to high levels of infective microbes and yet be kind and gentle to the skin.

AQtiv PURE antimicrobial picks up where antibacterial leaves off as it offers greater broad spectrum protection against bacteria, yeast, fungus and other microbes than PCMX and Triclosan. AQtiv PURE antimicrobial also offers comparable killing strength to Povidone Iodine, CHG, and Alcohol without the harsh drying and irritation to skin commonly experienced by these actives. All products are pH balanced, fragrance free, and have no offensive odor.

Within the Public Health sector, AQtiv PURE Hand & Body Sanitizers represent the next generation beyond alcohol sanitizers offering advanced options to promote high levels of hand / skin sanitation and superior first aid wound care, while offering water conservation solutions that can generate a budget surplus. They integrate three key factors; gentleness, effectiveness, and convenience, needed for successful hand hygiene compliance.

Over 17 years of experience working with and developing topical antimicrobial products has yielded a full product line to cover the needs of skin sanitation and wound care. The alcohol free AQtiv PURE line includes: Hand & Body Sanitizers, Skin Cleanser, Skin Healing Lotion, Nail Solution, and Scalp Treatment.


The line was developed after receiving feedback from consumers they were unhappy with existing products that were too harsh, ineffective, and time consuming. Born out of this feedback came a family of products designed to protect sensitive skin, achieve high levels of effectiveness, and save time through ease of use. The AQtiv PURE cosmetic line includes: Skin Save Shave Gel for Men, Spa Smooth Shave Gel for Women, Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser, and Prevent Color Stain Skin Barrier & Remover.

EPA One Step Disinfectant Cleaners

To provide our private labelers with a complete antimicrobial package, we offer for private label only, one step disinfectant cleaners that meet or exceed the requirements for Healthcare, Beauty, and other industries. As the EPA regulates all antimicrobial products that work on surfaces and FDA regulates all over the counter drugs, Miqropure Laboratories offers a complete antimicrobial solution.