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AQtiv PURE Skin Save Shave Gel for Men

Extreme relief for sensitive skin.
- Clean, Soothe, Smooth.

AQtiv Pure Skin Save for Men revolutionizes the way you shave. Originally created for the needs of people of color and other sensitive skin suffers that struggle with ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn, cuts, nicks, and other forms of skin irritation. This non-foaming, deep cleansing formula cleans your face as you shave to give you a closer, easier, faster shave that protects your skin.

No messy foams or clogged razors means no hassles so you get the same close and easy shave whether you are in your home bathroom, camping, or in the field on military assignment.

AQtiv PURE Skin Save Shave Gel for Men allows your razor to work with your skin, not against it. You have the freedom to shave in any direction for a closer shave. Perfect for sensitive skin on face, neck, and scalp.

Count the days your razor lasts. Most users who shave daily use the same razor for two to four weeks. You will pay for your AQtiv PURE Skin Save Shave Gel in a matter of weeks while your 4oz bottle lasts for months.

How to Use:

Thoroughly wet skin and apply a thin coat of gel onto shave area until your skin feels slippery. Gel does not foam so it remains close to your skin. Shave in any direction using short, controlled strokes. Rinse off skin and razor when finished.

Testimonials: *** Previously marketed under Clear & Smooth

Dr. Levi: It is with great enthusiasm that I once again communicate with you RE the remarkable qualities of your shave blend. As a Naval Reserve officer I routinely travel widely throughout the world; I often work for extended periods of time in inclement weather and harsh conditions; frequently, I and others with whom I have shared the blend do not have access to clean, warm water for bathing/shaving; lengthy exposure to sun-wind-dirt-saltwater-insect repellent can make the latter an unpleasant duty. Your blend is the perfect solution – it does not require water; it removes facial dirt and grime; it has an extraordinary capacity to soothe irritated skin; it is odorless, and , since it is not in a pressurized container, like many shave creams, presents no danger of rupture when at altitude. Further, I have a history of sensitive/damaged skin and have tried numerous recommendations of dermatologist, none of which provided the cleansing/soothing properties of your product. Those whose skin and complexion are difficult to manage because of ethnicity and/or culture derived the same benefit. I find I must now carry extra amounts when I travel, because my experience has been that as soon as we establish a base camp or headquarters, my colleagues approach with their various plastic bottles and want a fill up! They have all recognized how very superior your blend is to anything else. On behalf of my shipmates, I want to thank you for making the product available – it is a valuable gift to those of us who routinely do not have the luxury of an accommodating bathing/shaving station. You can be assured that I will routinely reorder whenever my supply is not sufficient to meet my needs, and the needs of those who will always expect me to provide it for them! CDR J.O., USNR

Dear Dr. Levi: It’s hard to believe I’ve been using CLEAR & SMOOTH for nearly a decade. Every day occurrences are so easy to take for granted and shaving my face once a day falls under that category. When a product comes out and it’s called “new and improved” cynical me usually scoffs. I’ve been in the advertising game too long. So I tried your “new and improved” CLEAR & SMOOTH with nervous trepidation. I was more concerned you might have messed up a product I dearly love. Crisis diverted. Wow! It really is “new and improved” although I must admit I’m hard pressed to tell you why. I already thought I was getting the smoothest, closest shave on earth. Hard to believe it’s smoother and closer. Bravo. Keep up the good work! E.T. KFWB Sports

Dear Dr. Levi, I don’t usually write letters raving about how good a product is, but your Clear & Smooth Shaving Blend ended years (a lifetime) of painful, messy shaves. Unlike any of the foams or gels now on the market, your product was a surprisingly easy and painless shave and was a quick clean up too! No Cuts! No Cuts! No Cuts!!! With foams or gels it seemed like I cut myself every other day, but not with your product. The incredible moisturizers in Clear & Smooth allowed me to shave down and then up (for that really close shave) without reapplying any product. But I think the best part about your Clear & Smooth was that I could see my face while I was shaving. I have a thin mustache which constantly changed shapes when I used foam or gels because I couldn’t see what I was doing. Your product allowed me to shave perfect lines around it each day. The other thing I noticed about Clear & Smooth was that my blade lasted longer and also didn’t clog up. I will be calling for more!! M.R. Portland, OR

This commentary is a response to the use of Clear & Smooth Shave Blend, first introduced to me February of 1995. I am currently in Long Beach, CA signing with the Long Beach Opera Co. I am a 33 yr old male, and have been shaving since the age of 14. I have a full beard, and have to shave every day in order to be clean shaven. I don’t enjoy the act of shaving at all, and usually grow a beard 2 times a year, to keep from the daily shaving routine. I have used many shave cream products, including Barbasol, Edge, Mennen, and Gillette. The foams that I have used were out of necessity; they were the only products on the market for shaving. Foams frequently clog the razor, dulling its edge quicker. I usually miss places while shaving and have to go back to re-shave those places because I was not able to see the stubble through the foam. The first time I used Clear and Smooth Shave Blend, I was skeptical, primarily because it was a clear liquid, unlike the dense foams I’ve used in the past. I also used a new razor for this “experiment.” I was blown away! As I shaved, the beard seemed to roll off my face; and because the liquid was clear, lathering like soap, I was able to shave closer and more accurately. C.E. International Opera Singer

Dear Dr. Levi: The purpose of this letter is to express my overwhelming satisfaction with Clear & Smooth shave cream. I began using clear & Smooth during my teenage years. Prior to this time, I experimented with several commercial shave foams and never found a product that did not cause skin irritation or severe dryness. Fortunately, I found Clear & Smooth. From the moment I began using Clear & Smooth, my sensitive skin has reaped the rewards. As a normal teenager, I faced normal to severe acne problems. Clear & Smooth gave instant improvement. My skin is now soft, virtually acne free, and razor burn is a thing of the past. In fact, I have not even received a single nick in 3 years. Not only is Clear & Smooth beneficial to my physical appearance, but it has been extremely economical. I can not remember the last time I had to purchase blades for my razor. In addition, a 4oz bottle of your product can last up to 3 months! Clear & Smooth has been physically rewarding, economical and is environmentally friendly. I will never use any other shaving product than Clear & Smooth. S.E. Diamond Bar, CA

Dr. Levi, Lynn & I have been using your Clear & Smooth Shaving Blend for the last 5 years and really notice a big difference when we run out! I get ingrown hairs on my chin when using other products (Aveda, common shaving soaps etc), but my skin problems become almost nonexistent with using your shaving blend. I try to keep it away from Lynn, but she loves using it on her legs, and I guess I’ll have to admit I notice a difference. It’s great stuff, please keep making it! Thanks for the great product. M. A. & L.A. Seattle, WA

Dear Dr. Levi: For years I have had problems with razor burns and ingrown hairs. These conditions developed after shaving. I had often tried electric shavers but never got the results I wanted. After using your Clear & Smooth Shaving Blend, I have received physical relief from this razor torture. This product goes on real easy and creates a slick film to run a razor over. While shaving with Clear & Smooth Shaving Blend I find the razor cuts my beard effortlessly. Afterwards, I don’t experience the dryness that I get with other shaving creams and gels. After using your product my faces doesn’t seem tight, dry and it doesn’t burn. M.S. Bellflower, CA

Dear Dr. Levi, My use of your Clear & Smooth Shaving Blend is a radical departure from the soaps, gels, foam, hot lather and various shaving aids that I have used over the past fifty plus years. I was reluctant to give up the lather that I was comfortable with, but I read about you and your product in the Long Beach Press Telegram. Your shaving blend was highly praised so I tried it. By the time I had used the first container I was hooked. I am able to shave much closer without any razor burn. It is really much easier to shave and also, surprisingly my razor blades and your blend are very economical. They both last many times longer than any other product. I try to always have an extra supply on hand since I have run out when I travel and found, anew, that no other soap compares to your blend. L.L. Long Beach, CA

Dear Mike, At age 59, I’ve been shaving for a few years, so I think I’m qualified to offer an opinion on shaving products. In the past, I’ve used electric shavers, shave creams, gels and numerous types of blades. I’ve used hard water and soft water as well as hot and cold. By far you men’s clear shave gel is the best product I’ve ever used to prepare my beard for shaving. As an added bonus, I now can use a blade for three weeks rather than just one. In my opinion, the savings on blades will more than pay for your product, maybe even put me money ahead. Than you for developing a great product and please let me know where you are so I can always have access to your product. R.E. Orange, CA