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AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser gently lifts and removes waterproof makeup, excess oils and impurities in seconds leaving your skin perfectly clean and refreshed. Advanced 2 in 1 gel hypoallergenic formula removes stubborn semi permanent makeup and waterproof mascara while it gives your face a deep cleansing for softer more radiant skin to enhance your natural beauty in one easy step. Kind to eyes and eye lashes, you receive excellent results without stinging, rubbing, or puffiness. There’s no oily residue to clog pores or create problems applying your makeup the next morning. AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser is recommended by professional makeup artists, estheticians, and entertainers.

Balanced for the natural pH of your skin, AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser is an important part of your daily morning and evening skin care regimen whether you wear makeup or not.

In addition to daily cleansing and makeup removal, AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser is an excellent makeup corrector and great for removing lash and eyebrow tint from your face. Apply small amount on to a Q-tip to erase makeup errors or undesired tint in seconds.

General directions: Moisten face with water. Gently massage product into skin using circular pattern. Rinse with water. For best results with heavy stage makeup, follow same directions except allow product to set on your skin for a minute or two before rinsing.


Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to commend you an excellent product. As a dancer in the Siegfried & Roy Production Show in Las Vegas, I am required to wear heavy stage makeup each night and have tried several different makeup removers to wash my face at the end of the night. None can compare to the results that I achieve with just a nickel size drop of your Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser! In just one step I am able to wash away all my makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The product is odor-free and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. Nightly use of the product has left my pores cleaner and my skin smoother. I am never left with an oily residue or dry flaky skin. Instead my skin feels softer and looks radiant! Thank you again for such a wonderful product! H.S. Las Vegas, NV

Dear Dr. Levi, I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love using your product, AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser. For makeup removal as well as a daily face wash, I’ve found nothing that is easier to use, than your product, with the best results. I use many different brands of makeup, such as Cinema Secrets concealer #61, Lt. Egyptian face powder & eye shadows, Lancome Defincils mascara & art liners (liquid eyeliner pen), Prescriptives foundation, lip liner & cheek color, and Trucco eye shadows & lip glosses. For makeup removal, I’ve used Take Off Wipes, Ponds makeup remover cloths, and Lancome Bi Facil makeup remover. For face wash, I’ve tried Alpha Hydrox Foaming Wash and products by Georgette Klinger, just to name a few. What I’ve found with most makeup removers is that you still have to wash the face after removing the makeup, to remove the oily makeup remover residue.

With most face washes, I find that using them alone will not take off most eye makeup; mascara being the toughest to remove. AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser accomplishes both in one product. I also used to use a semi-permanent lip color that was very difficult to clean off, even with their own remover product. AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser cleaned off the semi-permanent makeup very easily without scrubbing.

I’ve also let friends try AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser. Everyone I’ve shared it with likes it very much for makeup removal. One friend had little bumps around her eyes. It was an irritation she had from the makeup remover products she was using. I gave her a bottle of AQtiv PURE, and she was very pleased with the results. Her bumps disappeared.

I like using the product as a daily face wash as well, even if I do not wear makeup on a particular day. I find that AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser will reduce my blackheads, making my skin very smooth – without scrubbing! I also like the way my skin feels after washing with AQtiv PURE – clean, not dried out.

I wish you the very best success with your amazing, wonderful product. I’ve been happily using AQtiv PURE exclusively for 7 or 8 years now. Thanks again for your awesome products. They have kept me happy & healthy for years. W.W. Lowry Digital Images Burbank, CA

Dear Dr. Michael Levi,

Thank-you so much for providing me a chance to use your marvelous make-up remover. I have used many different products in the past, from Max Factor to MAC and none have been as impressive as your product. I have sensitive skin and as a woman of color, I find the usual products either leave my skin too dry or too oily. Your product is so gentle that I don't worry about residual puffiness around the eyes and I don't loose eyelashes because I don't have to rub vigorously. P.W. Registered Nurse Practitioner, B.S.N. Los Angeles, CA

Dear Michael D. Levi, Ph.D.: I have used the Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser for about 4 years now. My skin has improved in texture, tone, and no longer has that dry feeling after removing make-up. I find it is the best product for removing make-up. It’s easy to use and wipes off make-up quickly. No rubbing necessary. It is not drying or too milky, it’s not greasy or oily. It’s very smooth and doesn’t stain. I find other products out there are too drying, too milky, you have to rub hard and they stain the cloth I use to remove my make-up. I highly recommend this product to all and I have even given it as a gift because I truly believe it is the best product for you and your skin and it works like magic! P.M. Laguna Niguel, CA

Dear Dr. Levi, I’ve been using your product for over four years now. As a woman in my early 50’s I very much appreciate the non-drying formula which is so gentle as it only requires light rubbing to completely remove all the make-up off my face. Even after I had laser resurfacing on my face, the make-up remover was so gentle it did not cause any irritation to my skin.

It's so gentle on the skin and I especially like how easy mascara comes off without loosing eyelashes. Also I put a drop on the end of a dampened q-tip to take off mascara that has smudged either on the eyelid or under the eye. When I'm just trying to repair my make-up without removing it all, I use the damp q-tip with just a drop of make-up remover to do spot cleaning, especially under the eyelid where it can make you look like a raccoon. I've given several of my friends samples and even the ones with "sensitive skin" have never had any irritation and they all want to know when it's coming on the market. Please let me know when we can expect to see it on the beauty supply store shelves. I’m in love with your product! B.N. Registered Nurse Practitioner Long Beach, CA

“I used spirit gum, heavy stage makeup, eye brow and cake makeup on my clients. AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser removed all of their makeup. It was gentle on the eyes and eye lashes. I like this product a lot!” K.G. Professional Makeup Artist student Joe Blasco Makeup Center West

“AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser is far better than other products I have used (Aveda Calming Nutrients, Aveda washing cloths, Cetaphil, Avon). It’s easy to apply with hands. The 2 in 1 product is easy and fast. There’s no stinging, or rubbing so it is gentle on my eyes.” V.C. Professional Makeup Artist

“As a Hispanic female, I have both oily and dry skin. My face wasn’t left oily, and it removed all my makeup quick and easy. It’s really awesome. I love the product, nothing else like it!” J.R. Gold’s Gym

“AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser is far better than other products I have used. It removed all of my makeup and left my skin feeling soft, fresh and clean. It left no oily residue and was easy to apply makeup the next day. It’s really fast and easy to use. When using it I felt better about my appearance because it didn’t leave a residue so my face felt clean. I also have gotten a lot more compliments on my skin since using it.” J.S. Bally’s Gym

“I use waterproof mascara, eye makeup, foundation, lipstick, and glitter. I have used Murad, Really, Really, Clean and soap & water to remove my makeup, but there is no comparison to AQtiv PURE Makeup Remover Skin Cleanser. AQtiv PURE removed all of my makeup and left my skin fresh and clean. It was gentle and improved the appearance of my skin. I really love it! It was quick – I didn’t have to “scrub” hard and it rinsed clean from my washcloth. It’s the best I’ve ever used.” J.T. Hair Stylist