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AQtiv PURE Spa Smooth Shave Gel for Women

Protect and nurture your skin while you shave.

- Clean, Soothe, Smooth

Transform shaving into a spa experience. AQtiv PURE Spa Smooth Shave Gel for Women treats your skin to a wonderfully smooth surprise. Fast and easy, a close shave rejuvenates your skin.

Originally created for the needs of people of Color and other sensitive skin suffers that struggle with ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn, cuts, nicks, and other forms of skin irritation.

AQtiv PURE Spa Smooth Shave Gel is a favorite of Las Vegas show girls who depend on their legs to be soft and smooth.

How to Use:

Thoroughly wet skin and apply a thin coat of gel onto shave area until your skin feels slippery. Gel does not foam so it remains close to your skin. Shave in any direction using short, controlled strokes. Rinse off skin and razor when finished.

Testimonials: ***Previously marketed under OmniShave and Clear & Smooth

Dear Sir or Madam: I have been using your product, OmniShave for a few months now and am thrilled with the results! As a dancer in a major production show in Las Vegas, my legs are an important part of my career. Instead of expensive waxing, I get the smoothest shave possible with your product. Just a small drop of your formula goes such a long way and leaves my skin soft and stubble-free, without drying my sensitive skin. Thank you for such a luxurious product. H.S. Las Vegas, NV

Dear Dr. Levi, This note is to let you know how much I love your shaving blend. There is no other product in existence today that can come even close to the super smooth, rash-free shave I get with your wonderful product. In the past, I’ve used soap as an aid to shaving my legs and underarms, which I’ve found to work better than shaving creams. One day, I shaved one leg with soap the other with your shaving blend. The most dramatic of my “comparison’ was that the re-growth of the hair shaved with your product was considerably slower than the leg shaved with regular soap. With your remarkable product, not only do I get a close, smooth shave without razor burn or rash, but I can get a couple more shaves out of one razor, stubble rinses clean without sticking to the walls of the shower or tub, but most importantly of all, I don’t have to shave as often as I used to! W.W. Burbank, CA

Prior to using OmniShave, I had always been the kind of consumer that had completely negative experiences with shaving products. I am not only a woman who shaves frequently, but I am also a scientist, so I always wore my “technical” hat in the shower when trying out products of this nature. I am also an African-American woman with a high growth rate of relatively curly hair; thus, I have a very high shave frequency. My wavy hair covers a significant portion of my legs, stomach, bikini area and underarm area: thus, I need to shave at least 2-3 times a week on average, and I prefer to shave every other day during the summer months.

For many years, I had tried several different mass market shave gels/shaving products that were supposedly designed to aid in the shaving of leg, bikini area, and/or underarm hair. Much to my dismay, I always had extremely negative reactions to the products- the product dried out my skin, it was not viscous enough to stay put on my leg as I shaved, and it clogged my razor thus preventing a close shave. The biggest negative I faced was the fact it seemed like I incurred more cuts and nicks using these shave products as opposed to when I didn’t use shave products at all! This problem was intensified by the fact that I have to use men’s razors vs. women’s razors, due to the need for a sharper blade to cut my course hair and thus have a closer/more effective shave. The constant cuts all over my legs and the stinging that followed was enough to deter me from ever using shave products again; thus, prior to trying OmniShave, it had been several years since I used such products. I stayed with the tried and true soap and water and did not venture to try new shave products. Admittedly, because of my disdain for shave products, I was skeptical when I was asked to try this product out.

Much to my delight, OmniShave really exceeded my expectations! I found the product to be excellent as it related to viscosity – it stayed put on my leg as I shaved, and it didn’t clog my razor at all. I also realized that from a usage standpoint, a little bit went a very long way. So “spread ability” was great! Most importantly, my incidents of cutting and nicking myself were significantly reduced! The two times that I can recall where I did cut myself with the razor (either due to rushing to finish shaving, or the slipping of my leg off of the tub rim), the OmniShave prevented excessive bleeding (this had been a problem for me in the past) of the cut and also acted as a pain reducer, in that when I went to rinse the cut I had no stinging or burning whatsoever. The cuts also appeared to heal up quicker than normal, and left no scarring, which also has been an issue for me in the past. I can honestly say that as a scientist and a “hairy” consumer that Dr. Levi’s OminShave Clear Shave Gel has really won me over – I am now a reformed shaver, and I use OmniShave every single time I shave. Additionally, since I started using OmniShave, I actually don’t have to shave as often, since I get such a wonderfully close shave each time I use the product. My skin is wonderfully smooth on every part of my body, and I have no ingrown hairs or irritation whatsoever. I am convinced that there are many consumers, especially men and women of color, who have also had bad experiences with shave products similar to mine who are seeking a better shaving alternative, short of not shaving at all. OmniShave is by far one of the most paramount skin care formulations I have ever used, and in my opinion, is the answer for many frustrated consumers who have the unmet need of removing hair painlessly and effortlessly. K.S. Color Me Beautiful Brands – Flori Roberts Chantilly, VA

Dear Dr. Levi, I wanted to tell you once again how much I enjoy using your product Clear & Smooth shaving blend. I’ve used the product now for over a year. I love this product because it continually provides me with a smooth shave on both my legs and underarms. Nicks and cuts are minimized. The moisturizer included in the blend has helped the texture of my skin tremendously. No more flaky legs due to the over drying effect of using soap. It’s great stuff!! I wish you much continued success with this product and all the others you are working on. B.L. Newberry Park, CA

In the past I have tried many things to shave my legs, men’s shaving creams, women’s shaving gels and even a bar of soap. My legs were always dry and itchy after I shaved. Then I would use lotion, but my legs would burn and sting. After using Clear & Smooth Shaving Blend the first time, I was sold on the product. My legs didn’t feel dry and itchy and after I used lotion there wasn’t any stinging or burning. K.P. Mission Viejo, CA

My daughter, who is seventeen, and I have been using Clear & Smooth daily. We have both decided not only are we pleased with the results of Clear & Smooth; but have also decided we would not return to any other shaving method. Clear & Smooth does not clog the razor and does not leave any residue on the skin or in the bath. We use disposable razors, which we each had to replace weekly. Now one disposable razor seems to last both of us at least two weeks. The clean, smooth shave lasts through the day. The skin stays soft and moisturized. We do not need to put on lotion after a shave as we used to. For me, previously when I would shave my underarms with soap, the body odor would remain. Now using Clear & Smooth there is no remaining body odor and I daily feel and smell clean. Using Clear & Smooth has also eliminated razor nicks. Neither I nor my daughter have cut ourselves since we began using Clear & Smooth. D.F. & J.D. Long Beach, CA

Dear Dr. Levi, Thank you so much for the samples of Clear & Smooth Shave Gel that you gave to me when you were in San Luis Obispo. I love the fact that it is non-toxic, and biodegradable which is good for the environment, but the best part is that I do not have to replace my razor blade nearly as often. Since using your shave blend, I have less nicks and cuts, and a smooth, close shave each time. I am usually reluctant to use creams and lotions because I have sensitive skin, especially to fragrances, but I have not had any problems with your shave blend. It has been great and I love it! My legs have felt much softer also, which is really nice. P.Z. San Luis Obispo

Dear Dr. Levi, Just a note to let you know how much I truly enjoy using your Clear & Smooth shaving blend. After shaving with your product my legs feel silkier than ever and my antiperspirant doesn’t sting anymore! I’ve always enjoyed trying out new products, but I’m sticking with this one, simply because it works better than any other shaving cream or gel I’ve previously used. To top it off, I feel like I am promoting a cleaner environment as it is biodegradable. I slipped a bottle of Clear & Smooth into my fiancés Easter basket and he loves using that magical blend on his sensitive beard! So, add two more fans to your lengthy list!!! J.P RN and BSN